Why do we need online courses on Neurodiversity and are we setting up an expert group to check course contents?

Lack of Knowledge
Patientorganisations of adhd, autism, dyslexia and giftedness, see an urgent lack of knowledge with psychologists, psychiatrists and teachers about these braindiversities.  

In case of autism it took an average of 8 years to get the right diagnosis (In the Netherlands), causing a lot of misdiagnoses and wrong (medical) treatments. Also highly gifted people deal with a lot of misunderstandings, causing school dropouts and little use of their talents in the workplace.
Dyslexians are told: ‘you cannot be dyslectic if you are an succesfull university student’. In the media well known researchers still say that adhd has something to do with lack of ‘inhibition’.

Exchange of information between disciplines
When researchers are specializing, their view often becomes too narrow and ”silo” . With our specialized crash courses for professionals you can have your multi disciplinary team on the same page in no time.

We build a forum for our expert group (Neurodiversity Alliance) to analyse voids and contradictions and to see what really works.
Exchange of knowledge:

  • between researchers in the medical field and the pedagogical field.
  • to bring experiencial knowledge of self-organisations to the research table. 
  • to upgrade experiencial knowledge to academic levels.

Neurodiversity: the new paradigm in neuroscience
A last reason for the making of this course is the major paradigm shift going on towards neurodiversity. Professionals did not learn about this new paradigm during their education. This is going to be the first course. A part is in our mission statement.