What methods are used to write our online courses?

When is research really scientific, and when not?
Handbook on social science:
Peter Swanborn, 2009. “Research Methods: the Basics”

Framing and deframing:
How to write objectively about subjects that have political policy implications?
“Strategic Frame Analysis” by FrameWorks Institute.
‘’Wide Angle Lens” ,

Investigative Journalism:
How to organize a larger investigation project and how to build the story with your readership?
Mark Lee Hunter and Luuk Sengers. “The story tells the facts. Structuring and composing investigative Narratives”. The Centre for Investigative Journalism, London 2013.

Lean Startup
Method to start a business: Just make a first -imperfect- product, (iterative: an educated guess), then use clients feedback on mistakes to improve and grow, beyond a point one could have achieved by oneself.