The Dyslexic Advantage – Brock Eide – TedX

Brock Eide talks about his book ‘The Dyslexic Advantage and Mislabeled Child’.

He gives this TedX talk during The Conference on Dyslexia and Talent, may 2013

According to his book no less than 20% of people have some form of dyslexia.

The different brain wiring makes reading and writing more difficult. But that different wiring improves spatial reasoning, interconnected thinking and creativity. Research is traditionally focussed around ‘the disorder’: what it cannot do well. But to get a complete understanding of how this brain works, one should also research what this brain can do best. Only then we can get a full picture of how this brain works. We then can use this knowledge to our advantage: as individual and as a society.

Most western societies and schoolsystems are built around fonetic written language and hindering dyslexians to succeed. On top of that society hardly acknowledges the value of brainfunctions that dyslexians are good at. To develop confidence and self esteem this way is harder, but more needed in a world that is designed not for them.

Well renouned dyslexians show big succes in engineering, architecture and entrepreneurship. So we need dyslectic traits even if not consiously acknowledged by society. But maybe other sectors could benefit more from this different brainwiring if they opened up to it. Do dyslexians often become engineers, architects or start their own company because those are the only things they can do well, or because other sectors rule them out? Could other sectors also benefit from the dyslectic outlook ? Are we cutting ourselves short to typecast this braindiversity? Maybe those sectors that bann dyslexians are exactly the ones that need its conceptual approach the most?

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